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"Just click on the menu item 'Gallery' on the website and you will see all the girls sir." She was so polite. " "They are all friendly sir" exclaimed the operator with a gentle tone.

Unlike many dating websites though, you can earn bonus months for your membership as you use the website. They wouldn't introduce you to random strangers on the street, right? From authenticating ID proofs to social profiles and employment records, we'll find you a really 'real' match. Once done, we'll match you with someone who is made for you. We're like those friends who know how to keep all information you share, private. You tell us your what you like, what makes you laugh, angry and emotional.These verification services are provided free of charge so both free and gold members can have their accounts verified.Many millionaire dating sites classify themselves as sugar daddy dating websites.

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They claim that their member base has over 2.6 million users, almost double that of Established Men. That means that their income, profession, location, education, and more have all been vetted.

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