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"The E & G Podcast" also shared a clip on Instagram.Fifteen years ago, that was a question that had zero cultural significance.Now you can’t watch a single dating show without hearing it come out of the mouth of someone who's had too much red wine.This is in large part due to the broadness of the term ‘reality television’ and the many ways in which aspects of reality and daily life are integrated into what people like to watch on television.As the genre progressed, the format developed towards a reality-style show and more into a relationship show then simply finding a mate.Airing from to Date My Mom was pretty progressive in who it picked as its contestants.Aside from jokes and just to name a few, are talent based reality television programs that were early favorites which continue to be modeled in today’s favorite reality programs as well.

If the man manages to choose a gay man in the history of reality dating shows, he wins a paid vacation and some cash. This was just a fun chance to laugh at how stupid and ignorant American women are.These early formats, or the fundamental behind these formats rather, gained a lot of ground during the 70’s and 80’s bringing shows like MTV’s , two shows which are considered pioneers in the history of reality television, to the forefront.These to shows although very different in tone and style, represent two arenas of reality television that have since become incredibly popular.Today, versions of prank-style reality programming still exist in and many more.Humor at the hand of an unknown bystander has its roots along side the root of television itself, in a reality television format that has proven to consistently deliver for audiences and is one that continues to be loved, used and watched by many.

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