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She told detectives that they agreed to meet at a hotel where they drank, listened to music and had consensual sex.

He also allegedly forced her to snort cocaine and smoke methamphetamine.

Its conclusion read: “There are enough indicators..begin to treat this as a possible criminal case rather than simply a matter of poor practice.” But nothing happened.

In the original Bethlehem case, police said that on Oct.

“You have to ask the question - had police done something in 1993, would that have prevented him from doing what he did next? The case goes back to October 1993 when four policewomen reported the Norfolk Constabulary doctor had acted inappropriately during medical examinations.

A month later, an internal investigation into O’Neill ended abruptly, even though by then eight allegations had been made.

Police sources and the FBI told the I-Team they have travel records tracking Mull into Chicago.

However, Bethlehem police said they have not identified Chicago victims.

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