Online dating for people with learning difficulties

“We’ve seen a 500 per cent growth in demand over the last 12 months, across every subject imaginable, at every level – especially from students in rural areas,” says its founder, Jon Ellis.

But now the less affluent among us can also have a tutor at our fingertips, wherever we happen to be in the world – thanks to the advent of virtual tuition.

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“It’s very easy setting up a tutorial,” says 15-year-old Adrian Markovac, who is home educated and logs on to My Tutor Web four times a week.

“My online tutor leads me through lessons just like any normal teacher would in school and we both upload things to the whiteboard so that we can see them at the same time.” He says, “Each teacher has a CV on the site, so once you’ve chosen one or two that meet your criteria, you can arrange a free session to see if you might like to study with them.” But a virtual lesson doesn’t have to be restricted to one teacher.

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