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But if she saw the face of death, that meant she'd die without getting married.Eventually that old chant, I suppose, got mixed in with the Bloody Mary of history.Then I saw the hall light come on and my bathroom door flew open and the tap started running full force and the shower came on.Macie went and turned everything off and suddenly it was calm.Nothing strange happened until my parents left to go see my aunt and uncle.

She'd killed 283 Protestant Martyrs during her reign as queen, thus earning the name 'Bloody Mary' after she'd died. I read an article by a sociologist that theorized that the bloody Mary "ritual" is actually about the onset of menses & the fear / apprehension that creates.

It's unbelievable I never belived bloody Mary is real but today at morning I was holding my i Pod with Allah's name written and went to the bathroom and cried bloody Mary 3 times.

At first nothing happened then suddenly I saw my upper nose bleeding hard I ran out of the toilet.

As they watched her skin began to bubble and split... She took it home to show her husband, only to be told that the witch was helping to keep the spirits from the Indian burial ground that their house was built on away! Being in a state of fervor, she was easily possessed by one of the savage brutes, and proceeded to use the axe on the rest of her family...

She began to bleed, turning her white sweater red with blood. Bloogy Mary is a drink made with tomatoe juice, spices, tobasco, celery stick as a garnish, and VODKA! When she saw what she had done, she gave her mother forty wacks and her father forty one! She then turned the axe on herself and cut both of her own arms off, and her feet...

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