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As he is essentially immortal and invulnerable, Alucard is very egotistical.He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly fatal wounds before healing himself and counterattacking.

The tides turn when Alucard transforms a part of himself into a hellhound.Alucard fights with ferocity, and often, extreme cruelty, rarely shooting to kill until his target has been completely disabled and humiliated.However, he does seem to have some small shred of humanity left in him, as he is still capable of shedding tears, taken by Alexander Anderson to mean that he is not completely lost.Alucard then blows off both of Luke's legs with his guns before telling him to regenerate them, pick up his gun, and fight back.When Luke fails to do so, Alucard devours Luke, declaring him as little more than dog food.

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