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You need to move forward and constantly do something.

FLINT: He’s really invested in all of our characters and our backstories and the relationships.

We are taking a bit of time, in particular, with Jordan and TC’s journey, to see why they fell in love with each other, in the first place. At the end of Season 1, he finally opened up to her, and she could understand him.

You get a little window into their life and what it is about them that makes them tick, as a couple. MACKEN: He opened up to her, but he is also being understanding towards her. If they’re going to have a relationship, they’ve gotta be able to connect, and he’s finally able to do that. MACKEN: I don’t think TC and Jordan are ever going to have a straight-laced relationship because of what happened in their past.

Also, having a relationship in an ER at nighttime, is hard to do, in itself.

There are so many external factors that encroach on a relationship like that.

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