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"That is the main reason why is so different from any other human lineage from Africa, Europe or mainland Asia." Some researchers have argued that the Liang Bua hominins were not a distinct human species, but were in fact modern humans with a birth disorder or a debilitating illness.

However, "it now appears the hobbit lineage was established on this remote Indonesian island at least hundreds of millennia before the evolution of our species in Africa," Brumm told Live Science.

The word "hominid" in this website refers to members of the family of humans, Hominidae, which consists of all species on our side of the last common ancestor of humans and living apes.

Hominids are included in the superfamily of all apes, the Hominoidea, the members of which are called hominoids.

The newfound individuals may have been even littler than the hobbits, and date much further back in time (from some 700,000 years ago), scientists added.This suggests these ancestors may have shrunk rapidly after reaching the islands where the hobbits lived, the scientists said.Those islands include Flores, where the hobbit remains were originally found.Sahelanthropus tchadensis Orrorin tugenensis Ardipithecus ramidus Australopithecus anamensis Australopithecus afarensis Kenyanthropus platyops Australopithecus africanus Australopithecus garhi Australopithecus sediba Australopithecus aethiopicus Australopithecus robustus Australopithecus boisei Homo habilis Homo georgicus Homo erectus Homo ergaster Homo antecessor Homo heidelbergensis Homo neanderthalensis Homo floresiensis Homo sapiens sapiens Some scientists use a broader definition of Hominidae which includes the great apes, and instead call the group I am discussing "hominins".For a good discussion of the hominid/hominin terminology issue, read this article by Lee Berger.

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