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In 2003, Karl left Susan for his secretary, Brandi (Anne Dudek).A year after her divorce, Susan takes an interest in Mike Delfino (James Denton), a plumber who has recently moved in across the street.

Nick warns Susan that Mike is still troubled by demons of his past.

Cherry commented, "I knew Susan was going to be my anchor character, and I didn't really know my take on her at first.

And then it occurred to me that one of these women should be divorced ...

Susan feels incredibly guilty for taking the lives of Lila (Marie Caldare) and Paige Dash (Madeleine Michelle Dunn), but Mike insists it was not their fault. spends more time under Katherine's care, which makes Susan uneasy.

The argument over the topic becomes so great that it results in divorce. She is heartbroken to learn that Mike and Katherine have decided to move in with one another and become engaged.

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