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So please bear with us when we book your flights, we try our best but sometimes we feel that we are fighting a losing battle!

CHINESE VISAS We have just found out that the Chinese visa fees have changed and as you would expect, they have increased not decreased!

All participants in Birdfinders tours will receive, in advance of the tour, a copy of a previous tour report (where available) or, a few weeks after returning, a copy of the current tour report (if a new tour).

To keep costs down tour reports are not originated every year.

Join Birdfinders on one of our bird-filled tours in this exciting region.

Birdfinders is pleased to be a Corporate Sponsor of the African Bird Club.

However, currently we have nearly 200 tour reports, in pdf format, available on our website.

Unfortunately, these days, it is not possible to hold flights without names and frequently the prices of these flights increase substantially the nearer we get to the departure date.This is a substantial increase of course but does mean that you can now get a two-year multi-entry visa for the same amount as a 3-month single entry visa so why not join us on a Beidaihe, Poyang Lake, Qinghai or Sichuan tour one year and one of the other tours the next year with no extra visa costs.Full information on the new visa fees can be found on the following link: BOOKINGS Whilst we welcome late bookings and try to accommodate potential participants, we have noticed an increasing trend for booking enquiries received so late that it is impossible to get flights, accommodation or in some cases visas in time.Birdfinders runs eight tours to the African continent plus to islands off the African coast: Maderia, The Canaries and Cape Verde Islands.Join Birdfinders on one of our superb trips to this amazing continent.

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Whilst we always try to book clients on the most convenient flights this isn’t always possible, if you check online flight websites for 2 seats then increase it to 9 or more you will see what we mean!

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