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|I used to always play on when i was a kid, Sounds exactly what shes looking for, you dress up celebrities and get to create your own

“It’s a nice bonus for some playground equipment that we really liked.” This fall, Biba will be working with Simon Fraser University’s department of cognitive psychology to validate one of their central premises that kids play longer, harder and more often when using Biba games on playgrounds.“It’s such a weird black hole,” said Toner, Biba CEO and a B. NDP candidate for Vancouver False Creek in 2013.“Is it b Parents download the free Biba app onto their smartphones to get a suite of scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, treasure maps and other games.The parent holds the phone, the child runs, jumps and plays.The City of Sudbury manages about 200 playgrounds, each of which costs between ,000 and ,000 to install.To date, Gervais has had to use census material and visit playgrounds herself. I say, ‘Go play in the splash pad, and we’re going to talk about it.’ I sit there and I watch the parents and kids and which piece of equipment they are using the most.”“Parents usually sit on the outskirts playing on their phone anyway,” Gervais said.

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