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Advanced Sissy School Training – Feminization Training – Personalized Training We are now offering ongoing training for those who wish to embark on an in-depth feminization training!

If you are looking to learn more about how to be the proper sissy, or to be feminized – this advanced Sissy School training is for you!

If a fighter is afraid of getting his balls hurt, he should toughen up or stop fighting.

A true fighter will be ready for any part of his body to be attacked and he will attack any part of his opponents body, especially the balls.

I smelled him again and a few seconds later got the punch which was so painful i snatched the hook out and fell to the floor clutching my nuts .

i got dizzy and nauseous and didnt get up for 15 min. But since then i love watching vids of other dudes getting theirs pounded by fist or foot.

Tuition is billed at the start of your training, and in most cases will be non-refundable.

I can take some damage probably medium strength at best and I have gotten hard while a guy had my manhood squeezed in his clutches.

But ill gladly admit I'm a much better buster than bustee ;) Please log in to view gallery photos. The only set of organs left hanging outside the body in a vulnerable place. They can be so vulnerable just waiting for a punch or kick.

I will openly now say (with glee too) that I LOVE busting a hot package.

I love the power it gives me whether it's a simple ball claw or full force kick/knee I love it all!

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